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Rewire for Massive Success: A 90 Days Guide to Transform Your Mindset
Rewire for Massive Success: A 90 Days Guide to Transform Your MindsetRewire for Massive Success: A 90 Days Guide to Transform Your MindsetRewire for Massive Success: A 90 Days Guide to Transform Your MindsetRewire for Massive Success: A 90 Days Guide to Transform Your MindsetRewire for Massive Success: A 90 Days Guide to Transform Your Mindset

Rewire for Massive Success: A 90 Days Guide to Transform Your Mindset

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Best-Selling Book on Amazon.in (Training & Coaching) | Featured on YourStory.com

IF YOU ARE: - Living a monotonous, passionless and purposeless life - Not able to find your passion and do something about it - Annoyed by challenges and struggles in your professional and personal life - Clueless about how to transform your life - Tired of failing again and again - Stuck and seeking Personal Growth - Willing to take that one step for a fulfilling life

Then, you must learn the art of Rewiring Yourself for Massive Success in life with the help of this...Amazon No 1 Best-Selling Book “Rewire for Massive Success”

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“I really liked the way you write and present the things. I am quite impressed by your writing style and command over the language. I rate you at par with other authors who have written such self-improvement and life rejuvenating books like Who moved my cheese (author I am not able to remember), My struggle to become a person: Notes to myself (Hugh Prather), How to live on this earth and still be happy ( perhaps again by Hugh Prather), Magic of Thinking Big (Mark Swartz), You are looking for love at wrong places (Jed Diamond), etc. My heartfelt and very sincere compliments to you. I am sure your book will soon get rave reviews and will emerge as the fast-selling book in India and abroad.” ~Prof. Sanjay K. Jain, Marketing & International Business, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi

“Keshav has done a great job in structuring the advice into byte size pieces that one can readily absorb. You would easily finish the book in one sitting because of the ease of reading but he also gives you exercises to soak the advice in. It is something that is better read and re-read.” ~Nistha Tripathi, Bestselling author of “No Shortcuts” and “Seven Conversations” | Founder of Scholar Strategy

“This book is a user MANUAL for SUCCESS as it not only talks about the facts which we think we all know usually, but it provides you the aid, the BLUEPRINT of how to eradicate the limiting patterns and REWIRE the thought process of yours in order to have success or I must quote it as MASSIVE SUCCESS!!!” ~Manish Dwivedi, Life Transformation Catalyst | Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of “Are You Willing To Succeed? Yes or Yes!”

"Simple but SUPER POWERFUL. One of the easiest yet EFFECTIVE Self-Help Book" ~Pratham Wadhwa, Mediocrity Crusher | Success Strategist | Keynote Speaker | Business Coach

“Rewire for Massive Success is an excellent effort by the author, simply written, engaging, anecdotal and THOUGHT PROVOKING to remind us that it is about keep moving, keep learning and keep achieving.” ~Kavita Gupta, Director & Founder, Saizen Global Insights & Consulting | Mentor | Start-up Consulting


“This book gave me all the tools required to become successful. Not that this book talks something new or things you haven't heard yet, but it's the structure of the book that gives it immense value. The way author tells the principles with his own story really relates with you. You really start to question, "if the author can achieve so much of greatness with this principle, why can't I?"”

“This book is priceless...Keshav has really spelled life into it. The book doesn't only tell you how to set on the path to success, but also explicitly lays down actions you need to take to be able to walk that path. Coupled with real life scenarios Keshav faced and how he pulled through, Rewire for Massive Success is just the thing you need if you are looking to transform yourself. Great read!”

“An amazing guide!! Author has articulated beautifully his experiences. The fact which distinguishes this book from other available books on this subject is that it includes practically doable steps. It is not just a book, it is actually a workbook with guidance at each level. What I personally loved the most about this book is the visualization activity part. I am half way through the Part1 and I'm already starting to feel the change!! Thank you Keshav Sharma!!”

“Just a masterpiece..!!! Author did a grt job. After reading the book I can say ...This book is capable to change the mindset of the individual in a positive direction. Excellent.”

“This book is really very good in resolving practical day to day problems. Exercises provided in book to apply learning in real life are just too good. Keshav great job....”

“The book is definitely a must read. With real life simple examples, the author has successfully communicated his thoughts to the readers.”

“This book will motivate you to take a stand in life. Beautifully crafted and it's a great 90 days program to rewire yourself and get out of your shell. A must buy book to get you going in life.”

“Simple, effective and relevant to all those who feel lost after multiple attempts to succeed. Very practical. Worth a read.”


An ideal guide to be the one you have always dreamt of. It is not a 'Feel Good Motivational' book. Here, you'll find some of the greatest lessons of life which will compel you to break your stereotypes & rewire yourself for massive success.

"Goal Setting without preparing YOU and Time-Management without knowing Your Biggest WHY is all Bullshit"

It's a well-structured program based on Time-Tested Concepts with Proven Results to help you become SUPER-PRODUCTIVE not just at work but in Personal Life too. RFMS is a GAME CHANGER that works on YOU to embrace Life Transforming Deliberate Changes.


  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Working Professionals
  • Dreamers & Explorers


  • It’s a THOUGHTFULLY CRAFTED guide after conducting numerous seminars
  • It consists of PRACTICAL METHODOLOGY; found HIGHLY EFFECTIVE by a number of participants


  • UNLEASH THE MINDSET required for massive success in any endeavor of life
  • PREPARE YOURSELF FOR SUCCESS rather than just setting of goals
  • Build strong foundation for long-term SUSTAINABLE CHANGE


  1. Amazon Best Selling E-book (Worth INR 400)
  2. Workbook and Audio Tools (Worth INR 2000)
  3. 30 High Quality RFMS Quotes Wallpapers

**And for this, WHAT YOU HAVE TO PAY?... ...Just INR 399 Only (even a Pizza would cost more than that...) ...even you can choose to put the price you want to buy it for. If you want it for Free, put 0 and buy it. Thinking, WHY? Because I want to reach millions of people just like you and impact their lives for the better.

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Keshav Sharma is a Best Selling Author, a Passionate Speaker, YouTuber, an Ardent Meditation Practitioner and an Explorer of Human Behaviour & Psychology

He is a Consultant by Profession and a Rewire Strategist & Life Coach by Heart with more than half a decade of Business experience in IT, Business Research, Consulting, Marketing, Training and Customer Services. Currently, working on a new concept of Selfhelpiness Quotient, something beyond IQ and EQ.

He has already helped numerous people through his amazing workshops at Corporate Setting and Tata Strive Skill Development Centre. He has been inspiring people through his blogs for several years. After learning it hard way through professional, personal and emotional challenges early in life, he is on a mission to help millions of people to Rewire their lives for Massive Success through his talks, seminars, workshops & personal coaching.

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